XPLoR: Riviera Maya

Xplor, Riviera Maya, Mexico

On our trip to Mexico, I was seeking adventure and thrill. I knew that if the opportunity arose, I was going to push my limits and do things that were outside my comfort zone. That is where Riviera Maya came into play! While we were at our resort, we spoke with a man to handled booking “mini” trips outside of the resort. Ashley and I were staying in Cancan, but Riviera Maya was only an hour and a half a way on bus. XPLoR was an adventure park that caught my eye. The park’s history begins something like this: after the impact of an asteroid which 65 million years ago crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula and killed off the dinosaurs, the basin formed by the enormous crater began to fill with water, creating large caverns.

Hello!?!?! Yes!! That was exactly what I was looking for! Adventure. History. Exhilarating. A Challenge.

We started our adventure by taking an ATV through a 4 mile course in the jungle. We drove through caves, around tight corners, across an unstable bridge, through bodies of water, over rocks and through sand. Any type of terrain you could image, we drove through and over it!

Next we decided to conquer my biggest fear: heights. We went zip-lining. Not just once – but on NINE different zip-lines!!! Even though my whole body was shaking by the end, I was so proud of myself for finishing (I honestly had no choice once I was at the top). By the end I even went on four zip-lines by myself. The first five I road tandem with Ashley.

The day started warming up, so in the afternoon we took a raft through the stunning natural caves. We used our hands to paddle, which I thought was fun, and definitely an exercise. When we finished the long raft course, we grabbed a life jacket and went into a different part of the caves to swim them! Breathtaking is the only word that comes to mind. For about 20 minutes we just swam in this one water hole, where waterfalls and mist were pouring down onto. It was such an incredible feeling. No worries, no stress, just kicking and paddling and breathing in the natural water and cool moist air all around you.

Before we left, we drove the ATV terrain one last time – we switched drivers and I drove. I think we could have spent a whole day just driving in the jungle. Since it was hard to take pictures while we were doing all these extreme activities, we ended up buying the park photo package. It was pricey, but worth preserving the memories we had there.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here are a few of my favorites. If you are planning a trip to Riviera Maya, Cancun or anywhere nearby, I highly recommend checking out XPLoR!!! It will be an adventure of a lifetime.













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