Washer & Dryer Space

Hi Everyone:
This morning I am driving down to NYC with my dad for the 2014 Miss New York USA pageant weekend festivities so unfortunately as I mentioned yesterday my posting will be limited and short. Here is a quick update from last night of the new washer and dryer their new space!!! 
I wish we had the budget to completely remodel the bathroom right now but I guess that will just have to be the next project we tackle!! Either way, the freshly painted white walls and new washer and dryer, help revitalize the space a little bit. A friend also sent me a great suggestion for storage space that I think we might end up doing. I includes a photo of her idea below. What do you think?? I love the idea of baskets and a rack going across for extra hangers. I am all about organization and practibility so this could really work for us. 
Sooner than later,
The Tiny Professional