Update 101

Hi Everyone:

We have been working on the floors the past few days and they are coming along great! Only one more day of labor (most likely) and they should be finished!! Matt and I finished priming all the closet doors and we now only have one more coat of white paint left. They actually came out really nice (much nicer than I had anticipated). We also decided to get new small stainless steel door knobs, which will give the closet doors a completely new modern look.
We cut in and painted the ceiling in the bathroom and finished second coating the washer/dryer closet space. For the time being, that is all the renovation that we will be doing in the bathroom. Eventually we will gut it and completely redo the whole thing, but right now the money is just not in the budget.
Matt also put one out of the three light fixtures from Hinkley lighting we bought up. They are all different styles but matching lights, so they go together since we have an open concept floor plan. Everything is finally starting to come together. More photos and updates to come over the weekend! P.S. Make sure to like the new Facebook page!
Sooner than later,
The Tiny Professional