Trick-or-Treat Trail Mix

I wanted to share a super cute project that a co-worker of mine did for an awesome gift. All you need is:

  1. Glass jar
  2. Orange ribbon
  3. Mini brown tag (or brown paper you could cut)
  4. Sheet of Decoration paper
  5. Trail Mix
  6. Scissors

It is extremely simple to make! Just fill the glass jar with trail mix (homemade is the best) and put the top on. Cut out a circle the same size as the top of your glass jar using your scissors and the decorative paper. Screw the metal top to the jar on over the decorative paper. Finally, tie a small piece of orange ribbon around the top of the jar. If you are giving the gift to someone special, you can glue a little brown tag with their name on it, to the orange ribbon. I thought it was the cutest and simplest Halloween gift ever!

Feel free to share or comment about other great DIY Halloween gifts you have seen.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional