Trainee Errors Can Lead to Experience

Trainee Errors Can Lead to Experience

Can trainee errors during training provide a learning experience?

Absolutely! Any errors or mistakes a trainee makes most definitely provide a learning experience. When I first started working within the area of real estate, I had no previous experience or background. I would take notes and every time I made a mistake, I would make a little “cheat sheet” that helped me from preventing that same error the next time around. There are so many different laws and regulations and no two closings are the same, there was no way I was going to be able to learn everything there was to known about real estate from a legal stand point in just one week of training. Most jobs are the same. As a trainee, you work hard, observe and take effective notes. If you make a mistake, you learn from that mistake so that you can prevent yourself from allowing it happen again.

How might you motivate managers to play a more active role in ensuring transfer of training?

In my personal opinion, a good way to motive managers to play a more active role with regards to training would be to set up some type of incentive. It might be useful for a company to develop or establish a program where manager whose trainees that are recognized for outstanding customer service, sales performance or whatever the field or niche may be, get an incentive bonus annually. This would give managers the motivation to go above and beyond their normal expectations because they now know that if they trainees they produce excel, so will their paycheck. The company can focus on the quality of the trainees by the limiting or restricting the performance criteria or “marks” that each trainee must hit in order for the manager to receive the incentive bonus.

So what are your thoughts and opinions? What other ways could you motivate a manager to play a more active role in the training implementation process?

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