Three Years

Today is Matt and my three-year anniversary, and so I wanted to tell everyone about how we actually met and started dating. It’s not the typical story.

Matt and I actually met through our volunteer fire department. Even though we went to the same high school, we never actually knew each other during that time. It was a little ironic how we started dating because we sort of went backwards. I had a really tough time getting over my high school sweetheart, and so one random day, when I was sitting in the bay of the firehouse, I shouted out to all the guys “will someone marry me?” Now of course this was a joke, I just wanted to change my Facebook status from ‘single’ to ‘married’ to get a few laughs but sure enough, Matt volunteered.

After that day, Matt and I actually started to become good friends. We hung out a lot more; he would pick me up and drop me at parties with my friends; but ever actually go to them with me. He was talking with another girl and I was talking with another guy, so I never thought for a second that I was developing any feelings for him, because he was still considered a “brother”. Somehow how, over a period of six months, we went from complete strangers to best friends to falling in love. The most pathetic part was I told him I had feelings for him via a tweet message!?!? Fortunately he felt the same way.

Our next challenge? Telling the rest of the fire department. Since our relationship started out as a joke (and it honestly was) we had to explain to the firehouse that we actually had feeling for each other and were going to start dating. At first, it was as if a bomb went off. We both even contemplated resigning. But as soon as the department could see that we truly cared about each other, and weren’t just fooling around, they turned around and became very supportive. Even to this day, I don’t know where I would be without all my other ‘brothers’. They are very supportive and protective of me, even though in the beginning they never thought our relationship would last.

When I said that we sort of went backwards, what I meant was that Matt and I went from being “married” (haha) to being “in a relationship” via Facebook status. It’s sort of our thing. I don’t always do so well with labels, so I honestly think that Matt and I being “married” was a way for be to be more relaxed and actually get to know him, because it was all just a joke (or supposed to be).

To this day, I love that Matt and I have proved everyone wrong. We have beaten all odds and faced many tough obstacles and battles together. In the end, we always come out stronger. At only 22 years old, we both have new vehicles, good jobs, a beautiful first home and, most importantly, each other. We continue to work hard every day, so that one day we will be financially stable, get married and raise a family.

“I love you until the last star falls from the sky”

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional