Thirsty [for painting] Thursday.


Hello Everyone:

I am so relieved to say that I was able to work on the new house for 10 hours yesterday!!! I also had an ample amount of help from one of my brothers and dad, so we were able to accomplish a lot of work that needed to get done (before the floors can actually get laid down). 

I was able to paint a second coat in the office space (second bedroom). Kevin, my brother, was able to paint all floor closets in the house. I was finally able to finish ALL the kitchen doors. PARTYYYYYY just for finishing all those!! You honestly have no idea how happy I am!

I was also able to finish up painting a few trim spots that needed some touching up. I was then able to take the blue tape off in the windows to get a better idea of how they look with the white trim. I love them!! Then Kevin and I brought in all the doors to the two bedrooms and bathroom and painted a white coat on one side of each of those. We used a roller this time we love the look of the how the paint actually came out. The doors look like brand new doors. We also painted the half walls.
When my dad finally got there, which was later in the evening, he was able to put all the kitchen doors back on the bases (which took forever, because I bought new hidden hinges). The old hinges were a gold color and you could see from the front of the cabinet and I just didn’t like the look of that. So I found a cool hinge that was screwed inside the doors, but not shown from the outside. It gave the cabinets a whole new modern look. Finding the right stainless steel handles will be my next difficult project. 

Kevin and I also finished putting a second coat of paint on the dark accent wall in the main living room and a second coat of paint on the lighter grey walls that run throughout the whole house (kitchen, dining room and living rooms). 
The majority of the day was spent painting, but it honestly needed to get done before the floors go in, which is supposed to be this weekend!!! It is so exciting to see more progress!
Sooner than later,
The Tiny Professional