The Moving Process

Hello Everyone:

Just a few pictures of us moving all our “stuff” into our new home!! I can’t believe the day has come. Unfortunately it started to snow this afternoon, so we couldn’t finish moving the couches and a few other pieces of furniture, but we have the desk put together and in the office, the new bed put together and in the bedroom, the new fans are up and working and I was able to take my dads truck and pick up the new furnature I bought last night from Home Goods!

Our new white queen size bed from Joss & Main^^
Before the bed was assembled^^
The new fans are up^^
The new rustic furniture piece I bought at Home Goods^^

The pillows we are going to use in the living room^^
The darker grey is the countertop color choice we decided to go with^^

I also was finally able to order granite countertops!! The guys will be coming next week to template the layout and then it will take a few more weeks after that for them to be cut and installed. We decided to go with the more expensive darker gray color. We think it will look better on the white cabinets. What is everyone else’s thoughts?! 

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional