The Energizing Leader

The Energizing Leader



The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: What kind of leader are you?

Being a leader is something that comes natural to me, but I realize this is not the case for all individuals. During my first semester in my Master’s program at Stony Brook University took a fundamental leadership class where each student was asked to take a questionnaire that defined what type of leader they were. My results were: an Energizing Leader.

I was not surprised with these results. I am extremely upbeat, highly motivated and eager to take chances on new and innovative ideas. What I learned about myself from further research, is that these types of leaders can distribute themselves thin if they get too involved (very true), they can be unpredictable at times (also true) and they see little need for consistency (not true). Becoming aware  of these weaknesses as a leader has helped me  learn how to fine tune these areas so that I can become better rounded and more versatile.

I also have learned that Energizing Leaders tend to be spontaneous, outgoing, and encouraging and because these leaders thrive on variety, they often generate more ideas than they are able to implement. I am constantly coming up with countless ideas for multiple organizations that I volunteer for, but unfortunately I am just one person, and can only implement so much by myself. I have seen over the past year that the quality of leadership and skills possessed are much more important than quantity. If you are involved with numerous organizations, but never make a meeting or show up to volunteer, then you are not representing yourself to the best of your ability. It is much better to choose a few organizations (or as many as you know you can handle) to get involved with and share your ideas.

I am proud to be an Energizing Leader and would be interested to hear with types of leaders my readers are. What kind of leader are you?

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16 Replies to “The Energizing Leader”

  1. I have been definitely known to spread myself thin, just for the sake of helping others and in return I’m a complete stressed basket case. I’ve learned over the last few years to be effective in my work, I have to say no a lot more than I say yes. In turn it makes the quality of my work better instead of rushed….at least I hope so. Being an energized leader is a great attribute to have.

  2. I am a leader too and these is likely the 4 temperament of personality of a leader. Dominant, influential, i forget the other two. lol

  3. This is interesting. After I did a lot of classes online for a degree program, I realized that a lot of people are not leaders. Its fun to take those personality tests to learn more about ourselves.

  4. That was an interesting read! I’m not sure which leader type I am….maybe the Resolute Leader.

  5. From what you stated above, I think I am an energizing leader. I am also encouraging to people around me. They say I have a positive attitude towards things in whatever situation I am in.

  6. I wish it had a test. It’s one thing to say yourself what you think you are and completely another thing to do a test and get a result. Evan though I don’t always agree with test results.