The End is Near

Hi Everyone:

Thank you all for following my daily renovation updates! Every day we try to make more progress on our new home and it finally looks like we are reaching the end of the construction part of our journey. Today we finished putting up the molding that we have. Unfortunately, we need to order some more casing, which we are going to do tomorrow. The closets all have baseboard molding up now, which looks fantastic. We were able to put the new closet door knobs on, prime the two kitchen cabinets (that we had ordered), and patch up some small stuff that just needed to get done. We also brought in the dishwasher to get some measurements for the countertops will will be ordering soon. Over all it looks like a completely different house!! 
Soon I’ll be able to ask everyone for decorating advice! That will be the next chapter in our home remodel project, which will be much more fun for me (since I love to shop and decorate)! I love hearing everyone’s comments and thank you all for sharing my posts!! 

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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