Taking the Next Step

My boyfriend Matt and I are going through the rigorous process of buying our first home.  I never imaged that the process would be this long and exhausted. There have been so many highs and lows for the both of us. I would love to hear any advice that anyone may have. We decided last spring that we wanted to temporarily move back home with our parents for a while to save up for a down payment for a house. To me spending hundreds of dollars a month on rent was like throwing money away. One day when we were looking at homes we saw a cute home that he recently been renovated and had an opening house that same week. We decided to check it out since we loved the photos of the home online. When Matt and I walked through that door we immediately fell in love. It had all of the characteristics we ever wanted in a home. Matt wanted a big garage. This house had a beautiful detached two car garage with extra space on the right side for a work area. It has a beautiful yard which my Pomeranian, Mia Mercedes, would have plenty of room to run. It had a huge exposed brick wall in the kitchen that I always dream of having. I love the look of original brick in homes. There were hardwood floors throughout the whole house along with unique tiling in both bathrooms. Everything had been modernized which we both loved. A new roof had been put on with a transferable warranty. We just KNEW it was our house. So we put in an offer. There was a lot of stress and we negotiated back and forth until both parties settled on a fair price. We did everything we were supposed to, had the home inspection done and radon tested, had the house appraised, and when everything was looking great, the bank decided that they weren’t going to give us a mortgage. It was horrible. We had already been approved and had our interest rate all locked in. No we are patiently waiting while another bank is fighting to get us a Commitment Letter. Although Matt and I have been on a roller coaster ride, we are both really excited to close on our new home. Hopefully this month! I would love to hear other bloggers stories of their first home buying experience. Hopefully they are positive ones!!!
(Photos of our hopefully soon-to-be future home)

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional