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    My Ingredients to Life

    Last Wednesday evening at Yoga, our instructor challenged us to think outside the box. What would our lives look like if they were made up of ingredients? Herbs, spices and parts of a dish that all need to blend together to make something that is tasty and worth sharing with others. I found myself thinking […]

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  • Needs Assessment

    Why should upper level management be included in the needs assessment? In my opinion, upper level management should be included in the needs assessment because they can provide valuable input. Upper level managers are familiar with how things are done and what the goals of the company are. They understand and try to uphold the […]

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  • Apprenticeship Programs

    Why are apprenticeship programs attractive to employees? Why are they attractive to the company? Apprenticeship programs are attractive to employees because they are able to obtain hands on training within their specific trade. It also gives them a chance to see if they actually like the field. For employers, it is cheap labor and a […]

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  • Development Plans

    Why should companies be interested in helping employees plan their development? What benefits can companies gain? What are the risks? Companies should be interested in helping employees plan their development to improve employee morale and motivation by matching skills to job requirements and providing opportunities for internal promotion. This would ensure that capable employees have […]

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  • Cloud Computing

    What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a relatively new development that is being accepted by businesses. The “cloud” is essentially an off site server that hosts programs, emails and/or company information. I recently switched to cloud computing for my tiny professional email (office 365) and a few other programs because they are more easily accessible. […]