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  • Front Porch Face Lift

    This spring, Matt and I decided that even though we did a lot of work to the front of our house last year (adding in the new side walk, expanding the driveway, replacing the old roof, ┬ánew landscaping, etc.), we still needed to do something to our front porch… and more importantly, we NEEDED to […]

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  • Kitchen Island is Boxed In

    More posts about the renovation progress. Sorry if I am boring you, but this renovation is literally consuming my life! Last night I had a board meet for Habitat for Humanity of Cayuga County, but my dad was able to go up to the house and frame in the island with white wanes coating. We […]

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  • Washer & Dryer Room is Finished


    Hi Everyone: We are continuously making progress. Today we were able to finish all the custom cabinetry and shelves in the washer and dryer room. We got the idea from a photo my friend, Morgan, texted to me last week. Since we have limited storage in the bathroom (which is connected to our laundry space) […]