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  • Our Second New Home


    So last week I mentioned that Matthew and I were buying a second new home!!! We are both beyond excited, as this is our dream home and dream property. We have always been a fan of ranch homes, because they are easy to get around in, can have a more open-concept plan, and of course, they […]

  • Our Home
  • Front Porch Face Lift

    This spring, Matt and I decided that even though we did a lot of work to the front of our house last year (adding in the new side walk, expanding the driveway, replacing the old roof,  new landscaping, etc.), we still needed to do something to our front porch… and more importantly, we NEEDED to […]

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  • Home: Where I Grew Up


    “Home” can be defined in a variety of different ways. To me, home is the house I grew up in from the age of 6. My parents (before they went through a horrible divorce) were fortunate enough to be able to build their own custom dream house. Huge white house on a hill with a […]