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  • Happy Smooch Day

    I just wanted to give a small shout to all of my followers and say Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day! I hope everyone is able to spend today with their friends, family, children or a loved one. But whether or not you spend today alone, with a significant other or a spouse, remember that you can only […]

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  • DIY Holiday White Trash

    Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! I just HAD to share this super cute gift that one of my co-workers gave everyone at work for the holidays. She went out and bought plastic containers (Dollar Store) in bulk and filled them with her homemade “white trash”. See RECIPE below. The containers had a cute little poinsettia print […]

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  • Holiday Cards


    Hi everyone: This year we decided to combine our holiday cards into an announcement as well. Since you all know that Matt and I just bought our first home, we decided sending a holiday card that let every know we had just moved, would be a great way to “kill two birds with one stone”. […]