• Our Home
  • The Moving Process


    Hello Everyone: Just a few pictures of us moving all our “stuff” into our new home!! I can’t believe the day has come. Unfortunately it started to snow this afternoon, so we couldn’t finish moving the couches and a few other pieces of furniture, but we have the desk put together and in the office, […]

  • Our Home
  • Finally Closed


    Hey everyone: I cannot believe we have finally closed on our first home this morning. We are so excited that this home was such a smooth transaction (the original home we put an offer on was an awful experience).  This bank was extremely helpful and honest, and all parties involved worked very hard to help […]

  • Our Home
  • East Side of the Lake

    It is time to give an update on Matt and my first home buying process. It has been the world’s longest and >tallest roller coaster ride thus far. As our first home did not work out the way we planned we decided to sit back and strategize a new plan. I am a strong believer […]

  • Our Home
  • Taking the Next Step


    My boyfriend Matt and I are going through the rigorous process of buying our first home.  I never imaged that the process would be this long and exhausted. There have been so many highs and lows for the both of us. I would love to hear any advice that anyone may have. We decided last […]