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  • Environmental Care or Greed?

    fresh produce

    Is Whole Foods Market an Exemplar of Environmental Care or Just Plain Greed? There is quite a bit of chatter about the integrity of Whole Foods Market and the products they carry for the prices. Many would argue that Whole Foods, otherwise known as “Whole Paycheck” has overprices produce and questionable integrity. However, after reading […]

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  • Invasive Species

    Invasive Species

    What are invasive species? An invasive species is a plant or animal that is not native to an area. When a plant or animal is aggressive to the extent that they out-compete native plants and animals and disrupt the ecological balance, they are referred to as “invasive”. These problem plants and animals are spread and […]

  • Professionalism
  • How Do You Define Success?

    Since adults change daily, can any positive or negative change in areas not measured by obtaining a job, getting a promotion, or even becoming a US citizen, be attributed to what occurs in the adult learning programs? Just as in drinking driver programs, can we measure the number of adults who become “successful” rather than […]

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  • The Learning Process

    Adults learn differently from situations because every individual comes from a different background and has a different view point. What I might feel is personally important, may not be that important to another individual. There may be a student who can learn information more quickly than others and who can competently present the material they […]