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    How to Lead an Organizational Culture

     Culture Is Key When you are growing a business, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the same skill sets. It is also important to realize that this is a good thing! When you are growing a successful team of business partners, having a variety of individuals from different professions […]

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    R+F on the Today Show

    Why at-home direct sales are skyrocketing and helping moms and other professionals make money Well THIS is certainly an exciting way to start the week! Some of my business partners and our company were featured on THE TODAY SHOW this morning! Today as you are driving to work, or getting your children ready for school, […]

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  • Lindsey Lexus, Virginia

    Kate Johns

    Work Hard, Play Hard: Team Inspire A business partner of mine just posted a really inspirational message this week. She said “When you feel good about YOU. . . It makes everything else feel good. . . When you love YOU. . . Loving everyone becomes easier. . .” I couldn’t agree more! It’s what I love so […]

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  • #RFConvention

    2014 Convention Location: Atlanta, Georgia This weekend I was extremely fortunate to fly to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2014 Rodan + Fields Annual Convention. My experience was more than I can put into words. I was able to meet members of my team from all over the United States. I was able to meet my […]

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  • How to Start a Non-Profit//08

    Filing for Tax Exemption Status Filing for tax exemption status will likely take the longest amount of time for the start up of any not-for-profit organization. Even once the application (Form 1023) has been submitted, there is still a chance that the IRS can deny your status and request that you resubmit the form. In […]

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  • How to Start a Non-Profit//07

    Opening a Bank Account and Establishing Check Signing Procedures Opening a bank account and establishing check signing procedures can be a very involved and risky venture. For my corporation, because it is so small, and most donations are gifts-in kind or money. I plan to be the only person handling money in my organization with a […]

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  • How to Start a Non-Profit//06

    How to obtain an EIN Number Once your corporation is established and you have bylaws, policies and procedures in place, the next step is to file an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax purposes, even if you plan on filing for tax exempt status. Any 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization is able to deduct their contributions […]