Some Focus on the Office

Yesterday, after yet again, another board meeting, I was able to get up to the house a unpack some more boxes and organize the office a little. I still have a lot of work to do in this room before it looks the way I would like it to, but at least I was able to get our iMac computer up and running!! yayy!! Soon I will actually be able to post with my computer and not my iPhone!
I also was able to go through some of the decorations a little and organize them. Right now everything is pretty much just lying on the floor. We have no counter tops, no tables, and no big furniture pieces, therefore, there is no place to put anything really, so the decorations are out of the boxes and on the floor. I LOVEEE this rustic piece I bought at the Marshals/Home Goods in Camillus last week. I am going to hang it up next to the side door of the house. It sort of matches the larger furniture piece I bought that is in the second living room, so it will be nice to tie the two pieces together. Also, we can use the little hooks at the bottom for our keys! Another way to stay organized. If you can’t tell by now, I am all about organization!
Lastly, we are still working on painting some MORE kitchen cabinets. We decided to get another 12” base and wall cabinet to put at the end of the kitchen. This way the kitchen island with the 12” overhang will match up. Makes sense, I guess… it was my dad’s idea… for me it just means more painting. Fortunately my mom has been helping. Today we are bringing over the couches and kitchen table!! I am seriously so excited, as I have been waiting for this day all week. Tomorrow’s post should be filled with lots of great pictures!
Sooner than later,
The Tiny Professional