Social Media & Blogging 101

Here are some social media applications that I use on a daily basis and the advice I have for expanding your blog and brand by using them:


  • Find and like five new pages
  • Comment on two pages per day
  • Post twice on your own pace related to your brand
  • Always include a call to action (ex. Comment, like, share)
  • Add hashtags to your post (when relevant) so your posts appear on trending topics
  • Don’t forget to tag people and pages in your posts


  • Post three new tweets per day. Try to simplify and focus your follower’s communities
  • Add hashtags to your post (when relevant) so your posts appear on trending topics
  • Make sure to retweet at least four other tweets that appeal to you per day
  • Follow ten new people or businesses per day
  • Add comments with retweets (ex. Great Job!! @thetinybl0gger just completed a new project on the house)


  • Create a new Pin board relevant to your brand every other week and tweet about it
  • Allocate 15-20 minutes a day to add new pins to your existing boards
  • Encourage followers to pin your boards
  • Follower 5 new Pinners each week
  • Always use appropriate keywords and hashtags in your pin boards and descriptions
  • Post 1 photo per day (I personally need to get better at this)
  • Use appropriate hashtags in your descriptions
  • Follows ten new IGer’s every day
  • Commend on 5 IGer’s photos per day
  • Like 25-30 of your followers photos per day
  • Tag the location of your photo when appropriate
  • Try to use your IG images in all different platforms and tie them back to your community whenever possible.


  • Follow five new blogs per day
  • Follow five new user per day (these are different than blogs)
  • Like one post every day
  • Share your bloglovin account information on your twitter or Facebook page whenever you post something new
  • Make sure you market that you want people to follow your blog and not just your user account


  • Post one new outfit each week (this is only relevant for fashion bloggers)
  • Think of creative titles for your outfits
  • Keep in mind that prices per clothing item do matter
  • Share your outfits with your twitter and Facebook page

Google +

  • Add 25 new people to your circle each week
  • Share new and relatable content to your business twice a day
  • Offer and host a Google + hangout session for an industry related topic (once you are familiar with the platform)
  • Make sure your posts are set to public, use hashtags and categorize followers if possible
  • joining and posting to relevant communities is also a great way to get more feedback from your posts


  • Create a subreddit group for your community
  • Create one new thread per day
  • Monitor new thread with automated email alerts
  • Participate in one or two reddit threads per day that are realted to your brand
  • Try to engage your brand not promote yourself


  • Add two new pages per day
  • Stumble upon 25 new pages per day
  • Create one new list every two weeks
  • Follow one new list every week
  • Follow three new stumblers every day
  • Update your interests every month (make sure they are parallel with your brand)
  • Don’t like too many of your own pages (10:1 ratio – for every 10 pages that you add like one of them)


  • Connect with five new people per week
  • Follow three new companies per week
  • Request at least one or two recommendations per week
  • Repost all your blog posts onto the news feed

Since the start up of my blog, The Tiny Professional, only six months ago, I have managed to receive over 15,600 views to date. I have to say that a lot of that success is because I work very hard a marketing my brand. I really want my blog to grow and so I use a variety of social networks to promote it.

A few other tips I have learned, are to use:

1) Facebook Groups. These are a great way to gain a lot of blog support. I joined about 20 when I first started and quickly realized that it’s all about the quality of a few groups and not just the total quantity of the groups you are in. Facebook Groups have allows be to connect with other bloggers who are going through similar blog start up obstacles, similar to myself.

2) Blog Forums. I have joined about three or four good blogger forum and can see from my google analytics that I do gain a lot of traffic from this sites. Other bloggers might have similar questions that you have so why not share them in the same place? Or share similar interests in the same place? That’s basically what blog forums are for.

3) When in doubt – Google the answer. When I don’t know how to add a code to my layout or want some ideas for new blogs to follow, I just google away. I have come across so many great sites that have helped me network with other bloggers and start to grow my brand. I still am nowhere near where I would like to be, but at least people in my community know who I am “The TinyProfessional”. I’m only going to keep growing from here.

So, what is my advice to any beginner blogger? Be willing to invest a lot of time, energy and don’t give up. It will be worth in in the end.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional