Six Much Loved Blogs

One of the questions I am always be asked lastly is:

What are your favorite blogs??

So here are a few that I read and check on a regular basis (in no particular order):

6. The Skinny Confidential

All of these blogs are a fantastic read and very engaging. There are so many blogs that I come across that might have a unique design or have a few interesting posts, but that I never actually come back to read for some reason or another. They just aren’t memorable.

So why are these six blogs my favorite? Maybe it is because these blogs encompass and share a lot of similar interests as I do, even if I don’t personally blog about them. I currently am going through a full house renovation, so I LOVE reading the DIY Diva’s posts about home decor and small DIY projects, since we share a very similar style. My interior design in a mix of modern and rustic, so posts like this one, are great because they are projects that I can do and use in my newly renovated home.

I am only am a tiny bit OCD (organization freak). While Matt is the clean freak, I like everything to be organized and have a place. Posts like this one, by the “A Bowl Full of Lemons” blog, are right up my ally. I can relate to these posts and I actually use the information and tips provided. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Don’t you want your readers to actually READ your posts and take in your advice or actually try your DIY project? Well I know I do. Currently most of my posts are updates of our current renovation, but once things slow down, I plan to do some “how to” posts, and write more about the actual process and what it was like to go through such a long renovation.

I also have a wide variety of other interests such as fashion, beauty, professionalism, weddings (even though I probably won’t be getting married for a few more years; it’s just fun to dream), fitness and photography. This is likely why I also love reading My Lady Boudoir, Brown Eyed Girl and The Skinny Confidential. These blogs all share posts of a mix of my other interests.

Emma Bauso is actually a girl I went to the same high school with and her blog is Emma Bauso. I actually never knew her in high school, but since that time I have started to follow and read her blog. It is amazing how much you can learn about a person by what they post on their blog. Emma and I are now good friends and I literally check her blog every day. Whether or not we have the chance to talk in person, I feel like I can connect with her through her blog, because she isn’t afraid to open up and write about her feelings and the situations she is going through; good or bad. It is refreshing to read such raw material. It has also been a blessing meeting her because we have had the opportunity to team up in more then one way. She has helped me design my currently blog layout, personal photo edits and fonts. You can check out her portfolio here.

So, I hope you will take the time to check out all these fantastic blogs and read a few posts. If I get you hooked on at least one new blog, then my mission today is accomplished. FYI: None of these bloggers asked me to promote them. This is just my sincere opinion about a six of my favorite bloggers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

Disclaimer: All photos were taken directly from individual blog sites. These photos belong to the individual blog owners and are displayed for the purposes of this blog post only.