Setting the Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Everyone:

Last night we were up again at the house, working away… We are trying so hard to finish so that we can begin to move all of our “stuff” in!! My dad was able to finish setting the outside kitchen cabinets into place. They are now level, drilled together and drilled to the walls. Once we finish setting the island, we can call around to different countertop places for quotes to see what is the best price for new countertops!! There actually is going to be A LOT of countertop space, which will be great for hosting parties and cooking. 

The office is completely finished now. The molding is done, along with all the receptacles and switches in the room. Everything is completely new! It looks like a totally different space from the original room. Even I am still obsessed a little with the color of these walls (and I have had so many positive comments, thank youuuuu). I love the end results!
Yesterday we also ordered a new bed for the master bedroom. The set that we have now is black and I figured a white color would look really modern since we choose all white and grey tones already. I can’t wait to get to the actual “decorating” part, but at least we have a beautiful white queen size bed on the way!! I am so relieved that everything is coming together with no major issues and is looking just how I had envisioned it! Matt and I are so lucky and blessed to be making such a beautiful first home together!!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional