Renovation Update

Hey everyone:
So its day six of being homeowners and the renovation is well underway. We are so excited and happy with the progress we have made thus far. Here is a timeline of everything we have accomplished:
Day 1 (Tuesday):
Matthew and I ripped off all the old wood molding, took off all the face covered on the outlets and light switches, ripped up all the carpet in the living rooms and bedrooms, ripped up the linoleum floors in the kitchen and ripped up the hardwood floors in the dining room.  We began to take off all the metal covers on the base boards and we washed down the walls.



Day 2 (Wednesday):
Matthew and I spent hours pulling up all the staples and nails left behind by the three different floorings we ripped up. We purchased primer for all the walls and 5 gallons of ceiling paint and then began to cleaning EVERYTHING! We laid out our new kitchen and had to purchase 4 new cabinets. We are going to paint the existing cabinets white, since the ones in the house are still in great condition. This also saved us a ton of money.

Day 3 (Thursday):
Since this day was Thanksgiving Day, Matthew and I only had time to prime the walls in the bedrooms. We also began to paint some of the molding in the windows and inside the door frames.

Day 4 (Black Friday):
Matthew and I woke up at 4:20am to buy all our appliances. We ended up purchasing a Stainless Steel French-Door with a fourth drawer Whirlpool Refrigerator and the matching Stainless Steel Dishwasher. We bought an electric double oven made by GE and got a great deal on a pair of Samsung washer & dryer. With the help of family we were also able to get the ceiling in the bedroom painted, and the walls in the living rooms primes, along with most of the dining room. We also made a final decision on our flooring and purchased 1,200 square feet of LVT Vinyl flooring in the color Barnwood for the whole house (except the bathroom).

Day 5 (Saturday):
Again, with the help of family, Matthew and I were able to paint the rest of ceilings in the house and finish priming all the walls. This includes the kitchen, dining room and all the closets. We started to prime all the metal pieces that will go back on the base boards and I was able to prime two of bedroom doors. We also were able to paint three of the four walls in the bedroom white. The fourth wall will be an accent color.

Day 6 (Sunday):
We were able to finish most of the painting this day. We painted the office (2nd bedroom) a bluish-green color and I finished priming all the molding. We also finished painting the accent wall in our master bedroom which was a light green color. Towards the end of the night we were able to paint the accent wall in the living rooms, which was a dark gray color. The accent wall came out amazing and will look beautiful once the white molding is on.

Throughout the week we also had to patch a lot of holes and do a lot of cleaning. Family and friends were able to help us clean inside all the kitchen cabinets and clean all the doors with a special wood cleaning product. Hopefully this week we will work on priming all the doors. The kitchen is going to take us the longest by far.

Although the renovation is just begun and we still have a lot more work to do, we are really excited to see what the house looks like when we are finished. Although we desperately wanted to move in by Christmas, we are not so sure that will actually happen. I look forward to keep everyone posted.  

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional