Renovation Progress

Hi everyone:

Today we were able to finish the casing around the windows (except the one piece under every window; we still haven’t decided what we are going to do do that piece yet), start the baseboard molding and begin to change out some of the recepticals and switches! The house is really starting to come together! The floors look even more amazing now the molding is separating them from the walls. We were also able to put all the closet doors back on. We just have to pick out new stainless steel handles for the knobs. That’s one of my projects for tomorrow! Here are a few photos to keep everyone up to date:

Our projected move in date is the next two to three weeks! Although the kitchen likely won’t be finished by then, we should be able to move our furniture, clothing, decorations and still live comfortably here until then. We’ll just have to live in a mini renovation zone until then. But trust me, we are already used to that!!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional