Range Hood (part 2)

The range hood is officially installed and working! The electrical was finished by my dad Monday night (sorry for the delayed posting). I love the European look!! It is definitely different than what most kitchen’s in our geographical area look like. Although it might be a little more modern that what most people are used to, I like being diverse (in a good way). I like the hood is a solid focal point in the kitchen. I honestly cannot stand kitchens that have microwaves above their stoves. They just are not visually appealing. I mean I wish we had the budget to have a built in microwave in our island, but if we ever decide (or have the budget) to upgrade our cabinetry, we can always put in an under-the-counter microwave. That way we can free up some additional counter space.

Monday my dad was also able to finally finish the molding around the door inside the house that leads out to the garage. The reason why we did not complete the molding around this door when we had finished the molding in the rest of the house, was because the door was not flush with the wall. We had to find a ½ inch filler to make the door flush with the actual inside walls of the house. My dad was actually able to use some of the left over molding we had, to fill that gap. The end results? Fabulous!

We are definitely in the home stretch now. The only thing left to finish in the kitchen now is the plumbing. We are still waiting on the faucet. The company we ordered it through told us it would be in stock within two to three weeks. We are now nearing three weeks, so hopefully by next week, they will call us. We are keeping our fingers crossed. My dad is waiting to hook up the plumbing part of the dishwasher as well. He figured he would just do it all at the same time. Tonight the new doorbell and thermostat are going in (just minor upgrades), but we are continuing to make progress. Thanks for all the great comments and support! Matt and I love to read through them all!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional