Range Hood (part 1)

This weekend we started the process of putting in the range hood. It was quite a process since I decided to purchase a european style hood and didn’t think twice that the directions and all the measurements would be in metrics. Thankfully I was able to google a conversion caluclator and we were able to convert all the number from millimeters over to inches so that they made sense to us. We were able to get the actual hood up on the wall, but didn’t end up finishing becuase we still need to run wires through the wall and add an electrical outlet. Therefore, there was not put in making the hood look pretty, just to tear it all back down the next day. Tonight, my dad plans to finish up the electrical work so that we can plug in the hood (without any cords being seen) and then the hood will be another item checked off our list in the kitchen. We also finished putting up the blinds and curtins in the dining room, but I completely forgot to take pictures. Whoops!

Here are a few sneak peeks of the countertops during the installation process last week. They have since been completey installed, finished and buffed and look amazing!!! I want to wait until everything is entirly finished before I publish the “before and after” post.

So what do you think? I love the darker color! Just wait until you get to see the final photos!!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional