Putting Together a Solid Resume

With the experience I have in the Human Resources field, I decided that it would be helpful to discuss what employer’s look for in a resume. When you apply for a job, I believe it is very important that you send/email/provide a one paged email and a cover letter. References should always be provided at the employer’s request, but do not need to be provided right away.

Your resume template should be clean and to the point. Employers are likely only going to glance over this and you want your resume to stand out and be memorable among the rest. Make sure to provide your full name, address, phone number and email address on your resume. Employers are not going to spend time looking around for your contact information. It should be easily found. Another point I would like to make is about “Objectives”. They are unnecessary and can actually hurt your chances of getting the position. If you are applying for a job, the employer already knows that you want the position. It is unnecessary to restate that. Also, many times individuals forget to change their objectives based on the number of positions that are sending in their resumes for. These usually means that applicants try to choose one broad objective to encompass all the positions. Just leave it out!

Be sure to list your previous job experience, any additional experience through volunteering or internships and also your education. It is important to point out your accomplishments and not just your daily job duties. Be sure to be short and sweet. You do not need to include everything from your current job description on your resume. When I look at resumes for the firm I work at, I personally like to see applicants who have some range of community involved. To the employer’s this means that the prospective applicant interacts and is willing to help people within their community.

Use bullets or lines to keep your resume organized and neat. I will personally skip right over a resume that looks messy. As an applicant you want to come across as an organized professional. I have included an example of a resume that really stood out to me. I have changed the name and information, so that the person is unanimous.

Be sure to include the dates that you worked or gained your specific experience. Adding a “Skills” section at the bottom of your resume is also a great way to show the employer what programs or relevant areas have adequate knowledge in. I would love any comments or additional tips that my fellow bloggers feel are important as well!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional