Our Second New Home


So last week I mentioned that Matthew and I were buying a second new home!!! We are both beyond excited, as this is our dream home and dream property. We have always been a fan of ranch homes, because they are easy to get around in, can have a more open-concept plan, and of course, they have no stairs!! Plus it’s so easy to add on to a ranch, versus a two-story house, so we were thrilled when we came across this property.

A few other highlights. It’s in the same town that Matt and I (although not me so much anymore) are both volunteer firefighters for!!! Hey, he might be able to make it to even more fire calls next year. The house sits on 11 acres of beautiful flat land, which Matt cannot wait to build a pole barn on… and mow (boys will be boys). And there is a lot of potential to finish the outside (deck, front porch, sidewalks, etc.) and landscape the way we envision because everything is a blank slate.

Another bonus, is the huge 2.5 car garage!! Now we can both park are vehicles inside, instead of just me (because I happen to have a small crossover that fits in our current garage).

Soon to be: Our New Home

Our New Home

We know that we are going to have to make a few immediate changes. There is beautiful light cream carpet in the living room, which is a huge no-no when you have little dogs, but we are excited to work together again to redesign what our (hopefully) forever home will look like.

I hope to add more “how-to-do” posts in my blog, as we tackle small home improvement projects. Maybe even start a mini series? Just some ideas, for those of you who are like myself, and would rather build equity into your home, instead of buying a house with no projects. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where our home renovation journey takes us!

Sooner than later,

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