Our First Night at the New House

We finally spent the night!!

I honestly never thought this day would come. It has been almost eleven weeks since Matt and I closed on our new house and Monday night was the first night we were able to stay the night together. We called a buddy of ours to help bring the mattress and box spring from my dad’s house to the new house so they we could finally make the bed. I love how the bedding came out. I ended up just purchasing white sheet and a really warm down comforter with gel in it and then found the decorative pillows separately at a Home Goods in Syracuse. I thought the paisley print pillows mixed with the geometric euro pillow went well together even though they were different designers .I am also really glad we stuck with the bench at the end of the bed. I was able to fill it will all my sweatshirts and it’s the perfect spot to set all the decorative pillows at night when we are sleeping.

The bathroom was tough. Matt spent all day Monday scrubbing and cleaning the shower, bathtub, sinks and floor. Since we did not remodel the space and there is not much storage and we had to be creative. I bought a caddie for the shower to hold all our shampoo, conditioner and other bath products and we ended up keeping the old mirror and using the hidden storage it had behind it for our contacts, tooth brushes, ban aids and other small stuff. The washer and dryer space helps a lot with storage as well, although I found out quickly that I wish we had installed a deeper cabinet. Oh well. Overall, we are making the space work for the time being.

The living room and sitting area are coming along. I found a super cute area rug for underneath the chest. It really helps define the space. Hopefully within the next week or two my dad will help Matt and I hang up some shelving and décor on the walls, but I am still trying to figure out placement. I was able to buy curtains for the rest of the house (dining room, living rooms, office and bedroom) along with the rods to hang them all. Just more projects that all need to be completed.

The kitchen is still going to be our main focus until the countertops are installed. Matt and I went to Syracuse yesterday to buy our faucet and range hood for the kitchen. I love our final choices. Everything in the house is going to be very modern and chic, especially in the kitchen area. Since the countertop guys needed to know the exact measurements for the faucet in order to drill the holes in the countertop, Matt and I were on a time crunch to find the right one. We ended up purchasing a very modern looking stainless steel Moen faucet. I’m going to wait and surprise you with the actual model. We also finally purchased a range hood. It was a challenge choosing one that met all the specifications, was the same stainless steel look and color and wasn’t too commercial. Again, the final selection is going to be a surprise.

I also just wanted to say that I am so glad to have gained so much support from so many new followers. I have almost 80 followers on Bloglovin, 193 followers on Facebook, 840+ followers on Twitter, 119 followers on Pinterest, 4,800 followers on Instagram and 1,340 followers on Polyvore. All these social media sites are ways to connect and keep up with my latest blog posts. I love to read and respond to comments and suggestions that my readers have and am still perusing having some guest bloggers promoted on my blog as well. Just different ways to keep my blog and posts refreshing and interesting!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional