Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

 Culture Is Key

When you are growing a business, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the same skill sets. It is also important to realize that this is a good thing! When you are growing a successful team of business partners, having a variety of individuals from different professions with unique skill sets is crucial to being successful – in any industry.

Many times leaders often focus too much on their products and sales, without realizing that their team dynamic is what helped their business become as successful it is, in the first place. As your team and business grow, it is increasingly important to define the type of culture you want to have. Do you want to have a relaxed culture? A fun culture? A competitive culture? A supportive culture? A motivating culture? Or maybe you want to have a healthy mixture of all those cultures combined? That being said, it can be tough to manage an upbeat and positive culture with larger teams (but not impossible, if you’re dedicated). The key is identifying the core aspects of the culture you want, and finding ways to make sure these aspects are always present in your attitude and the way you coach and lead.

For example, when you are first starting your business you will have a smaller team. Small teams tend to operate more like partnerships. One way to maintain this dynamic or culture as you grow, is to invest in your teams development and personal goals as much you invest in your own. This will fuel the sense of ownership that’s the cornerstone of a successful business culture. Your team and business partners will see that you truly care about them, their individual interests and that you are trying to help them reach the level of success that they want.

As your business and team grows, it is important to continue educating and coaching your top leaders to help with retention and so that they will evolve into even stronger team leaders.

Helpful Tips:

  • Provide an easily accessible place for resources. Be sure to include helpful documents about the business, new policy changes, marketing materials, product information, etc.
  • Recongincation is essential!!! Don’t forget to recognize someone publicly or in a team newsletter for hitting a goal, getting a promotion or just doing an awesome job that month – trust me, it goes a LONG way!!
  • Assign team goals with incentives. Throwing out a weekly or monthly goal and then offering a free gift for reaching it, can really motivate people on your team to work hard and help each other

Most Importantly:

  • Always remember to be TINY (just like me)!!!! Their Interests Not Yours – when it comes to your team and business partners

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