My Business:

I am proud to have partnered with two of the world’s most brilliant dermatologists and entrepreneurs, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields! The world knows them as the creators of Proactiv. They are now doing for aging skin what they did for acne, with an incredible new company. These uniquely effective skincare products are designed with a legacy of delivering on what they promise. I honestly believe that using these skincare products, is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist … minus the appointment.

The doctors first launched their new company in the high end retail setting in 2002. They were in stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. By 2007 it was a top selling clinical skincare brand in stores like Nordstrom. But the doctors wanted to reach more people and change more skin and lives. So they decided to move out from under the glass counter, into direct sales – they were building their brand through word of mouth referral as it was, and they knew direct sales would be a powerful channel for them, and it is. Today we do multiple times more monthly sales volume through the direct marketing channel, then we did being #1 in Nordstrom, and I am personally profiting from this.*

My Story:

I partnered with this company with the hopes that I can help empower men and women and promote entrepreneurship in young professionals. In May 2014, I graduated with my masters in human resource management, and as many recent graduates might be able to relate to, the competition involved in obtaining a position within your area of study, can be extremely difficult. I just simply could not find the “right-fit” job in my field. I had looked for months, but nothing seemed to be the right pay or location. Knowing that I wanted to start my own business one day, I figured why not now? When I heard how low the start up costs were versus actually starting a true ground floor company, and how minimal the monthly costs were, I dove in! I was over my head in debt already and knew I had to pay down my student loans somehow. Thank goodness, looking back, this company was the answer! Every month, I am able to help more and more men and women start successful businesses of their own, all while obtaining the best skin of their lives!

Are you ready to see your skin transform and get paid for it? I am currently using the REVERSE regimen to help with preventative skin care, dark marks, spots and future sun damage. Even after one use I could see and feel a difference with my skin! Don’t believe me? Read and see the actual clinical results of the product here.

Along with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields I am committed to exceeding your expectations and always here to help. My schedule is very flexible, consultations are free and only take 15-20 minutes! Why not see how amazing your skin can truly look and feel?

Email me here to see what these skincare products can do for you!

The Products:

Our company could not have made the top spot in Nordstrom if our products did not perform. Let’s talk about our clinically proven, transformative products. Part of the reason why Rodan + Fields is experience such incredible momentum is because of our award-winning products that provide transformative results. The doctors know that one step and one ingredient does not do the trick – that is why they have created a multi-step, multi-med therapy to give you the best results, without having to see a dermatologist!

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Come Join: The Tiny Professionals

Do you want even more out of this company than just great skincare products? Why not join my team and enjoy even more incredible perks!

I am so excited to help each and everyone of you, redefine your skin. Join me, the products and this business and to jump into the most exciting journey of you life! Our products are great for men and women, all ethnicities and skin types. They are 60-day supplies (although many of my clients get close to 90 days). We just expanded globally into Canada on February 2, 2015, so that is a new wide open market with even more opportunity to make an impact and grow!

The Tiny Professionals

Meeting the Doctors

Have you ever had an appliance or tool that you used to make your life easier or that saved you money or time (Keurig, iPhone, etc.) What if you could have been one of the first to distribute that product, and it was only available through YOU? This company is allowing us that opportunity. Rodan + Fields® is redefining anti-aging skincare and is committed to own a good portion of the soon-to-be $5 billion anti-aging skincare market, and to create their next billion dollar global brand. Now, with the Macro-E we have entered into another $3 billion market with at home skincare tools. This is why we are looking for fun, personable people to partner with us as we expand our business. YOU can partner with this company by joining my team as they create their next global empire! This is a turnkey business—no parties, no stocking of inventory, you set your own hours and pace. You simply leverage the doctor’s legacy brand, and the resources of our multi‐million dollar corporation and you get to profit.*

So, who is ready to REDEFINE their future? Let’s get you onto the journey of your best skin, and who knows, maybe even redefine your financial future!

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Still skeptical? Check out these amazing Before & After photos!

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