My Idea Book

Hello everyone:

So since I was able to let everyone know the good news yesterday, I figured that I would try to explain some of the update/renovation ideas we have for our new house. First we are going to gut everything inside (including the floors and countertops). The only thing we are keeping in the whole house is the kitchen cabinets. Then we are going to start by repainting the ceiling, priming all the walls, ripping off all the dark wood molding, making sure the base floor is level, etc. After we finish all the long and tedious work, we will begin to focus on the new floors and the kitchen, which are two huge components of the space. I have added a photo of a few different floor colors we like. Ideally we are looking for a floor with a grayish tone to it. I would love to hear about which love my readers love the best!!

Next we are changing the layout of the kitchen. Right now (as you can see from yesterday’s post) the kitchen is a “U” shape. We feel that taking out the peninsula island and adding in an “L” shaped island instead will make the kitchen feel more luxurious. We are moving the refrigerator over to the other side as well. I have added a picture just so you can see the layout. We are having the cabinets painted white and attaching stainless steel handing to every cabinet when we are finished. So far the stainless steel Whirlpool appliances are my favorite. They seem to meet the “look” I envision. I have done a lot of research and for the most part I think they are an extremely reliable brand.

Once the kitchen and floors are done we are paining the kitchen, dining room, and both living rooms gray. I have attached a photo of a gray color I like, but I might end up going a shade or two lighter. I still want the space to feel large and open (which it is).

Finally, the bedroom. I have decided that I am going to paint one wall (the one our headboard will be up against) and lighter shade of green (maybe blue) and keep the remaining three walls white. The bed color that well would like is a light gray or white color.

Overall I think all these designs, styles and color choices will come together nicely, but that is the frightening part. We won’t be able to see how everything looks together until it is all finished. If it looks horrible, it will be too late… I guess that’s the fun part of renovating.
Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional