Much Anticipated Renovation Updated

Hello Everyone:

I realize with all the pageantry stuff going on this past weekend I haven’t been able to post any updates on the new house and the renovation project. Keep in mine you can always check out The Tiny Professional’s Facebook page for photo’s that might be released before the actual blog post! This past week we have been making multiple trips back and forth to the house, moving our boxes as to finally empty out our storage unit. All we have left are the big items (furniture, kitchen table, desk, etc.) that we need Matt’s trailer to be moved. Unfortunately, the weather here has been around negative two degrees!!! Way too cold to cold to move anything! Saturday we are going to make the attempt though. Cold or really cold (we don’t really have a choice). 

Yesterday, my dad was able to finish putting the kitchen island together and was able to box in the corner of the “L” and get the whole piece drilled down to the floor. This weekend Matt and I will have the counter tops quoted so that we can get those ordered!! We still haven’t decided on a specific color or stone. Help!!

Finally, the kitchen is coming alone. We also were able to get another wall cabinet up and bring the new stove in so could see how it actually looked all put together. We now can see that we have a HUGE kitchen!! This will be great because we both love to entertain. There will be plenty of space when friends and family come over, and with the open concept plan, you can see everyone in the house, no matter where you are standing or sitting. 

We still need to buy a hood to go above the stove, the stainless steel handles for the cabinets and bring in the refrigerator, but the kitchen is slowly making progress. I knew this part of the house would take the longest to renovate. There are just so many details and decisions to be made that affect the overall design. We also received our new bed frame and two new ceiling fans in the mail this week!

We can’t wait to put those together and start the decorating process next. Our goal is to move in and be living here by Monday. Although we realize everything won’t be 100% complete, we will at least be sleeping here and can set up the internet, cable and phone, start putting away all our clothes, fill up all the kitchen cabinets with pots, pans, food, etc., set up our fire place and hook up our television and just overall make it fell like our new home. We are so fortunate to have been able to customize this house so much already, and now comes the fun part (for me at least).

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional