More Progress in the Kitchen

Hi everyone, hope you all had a nice Super Bowl weekend:
So here’s this weekend’s update for all my followers. About 90 percent of our time was focused in the kitchen because there is still so much to do before the countertops are installed (we didn’t anticipate them to quote us such a short installation time frame). Fortunately we were able to get most of what we needed done, finished. 
Here are a few pictures of the kitchen so far. The fridge is HUGE, but it looks amazing! I am so glad we decided to go with a four door fridge. We are buying the range hood and stainless steel handles this week. I have finally made up my mind!! There are so many different options out there, it makes the decision process so difficult. I also have to find a faucet set this week, because the countertop guys will drill out the holes in the granite stone when they are installing the actual countertops. So much to do, but so little time!!


Yesterday my dad was able to make a lot of progress in the kitchen, since we needed to be ready for the countertop installation. He stapled molding up underneath all of the kitchen cabinets and around the island and then added corner beaded to give the kitchen a finished look. I love the way it turned out and cannot wait to see how it looks in contrast to the dark granite countertops. 
We also were able to finish putting up shelving in the closets (Matt’s closet, the front closet and one of my closets). Only three closets actually needed shelving since the other closet of mine had a double bar. I was honestly surprised that this only took about 20 minsutes for my dad to do. He is so fast at all this renovation stuff!
Lastly, we put up blackout shades in the master bedroom. Since Matt works a swing shift, we needed to find shades that completely blocked out all the light so he could sleep during the day. As you can tell, they really do make the room quite dark. The room will be even darker once we hand floor length curtain up on either side of the window as well.


Thanks for all coming back to see our updates and progress!

Sooner than later, 
The Tiny Professional