Time for another quick update: 

I apologize for not posting anything this weekend. Unfortunately I was not feeling my best. Saturday my dad and I worked for about 6.5 hours straight. We finished priming all the kitchen cabinets, faces of the cabinets and drawers. We also managed to finished paint all three HUGE walls in the living rooms, dining room and kitchen area. I love the lighter gray color and cannot wait to see how all of our paint choices look with the new flooring and white molding. 
[the faces of the cabinets are now primed and ready for the first cost of semi-glossy paint]
[the drawers are all primed and ready to go as well]
[loving this gray]
[Matt rolling the paint underneath a few of the kitchen wall cabinets]
[you can see the contrast of the light gray wall and the darker accent wall]

[new light gray walls against the white doors]

[love the office color we picked out against the new flooring]

This week is a busy week for everyone will holiday parties and Christmas shopping still to be done, so the renovation will likely slow down a bit. Since we know that it is now unrealistic to move in by Christmas, we are hoping to finish up in January. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional