Miss New York USA 2014 Pageant Experience

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post!! I have been away competing for the Miss New York USA 2014 title!! Although it didn’t not take home the crown or make it to the semi-finals, I am so incredibly proud of myself for accomplishing all that I did! My dad and I left for NYC on Thursday. We stayed the night at the Renassance Westchester Hotel so that we wouldn’t be rushed for the preliminary interviews that began Friday morning at 11am. I wanted to be one of the first girls to interview, while the judges were still excited and refreshed to be there. There ended up being 171 girls competing for the ‘Miss’ title!! It was the largest Miss Universe pageant of all 50 states!!! The directors and pageant staff were fantastic! The whole setup was very organized and everything ran very smoothly. It was extremely challenging to get 171 girls to keep quiet and learn the pageant choreography after being shown only one or two times. I was surprised how confident I felt when I was competing on stage. I had so much fun walking down the stage like a super model, strutting my stuff in front of hundreds of people and judges. I learned how confident I actually am with myself and my accomplishments.

I was so blessed to meet over one hundred other girls who were just as accomplished and motived as myself. Every girl competing was genuine and sweet! I made a lot of friends who I hope to stay in contact for years to come. I learned a lot of great makeup tips and what looks best for my face and its shape. I was able to exchange personal ‘business’ cards with makeup artists, hair stylists, staff and pageant sponsors. Networking was really beneficial this weekend. I met CPA’s, human resource and finance personnel, interior decorators, models and so many more successful girls. Saturday I woke up at 6am to get ready for an incredibly busy day. I ate a healthy breakfast full of lots of protein before getting on a bus and heading over to the Purchase College Perfoming Arts Center. All day long we practiced our opening number and all the different choreography for the swimsuit and evening gown competition and finally the finale. I was number 52!! It was so much fun learning how to stand on stage with poise, which angles made our figures look more sliming and having our walk critiqued. This also helped me gain a lot more confidence as I was told I had a great walk!

Saturday night on stage, I gave the preliminary performance my all. I made sure to smile every time I took the stage and to look at each one of the judges during every part of the competition. Even though I was nervous (since this was my first pageant) I wanted to make the best impression I possible could. I knew it would be difficult to leave my mark competing against so many beautiful girls, but I tried by best. What more could you ask for? Fortunately I was asked to be Super Girl!!! I was able to have my own little photoshoot for the pageant slideshow, wearing a pink super girl hat, doing lots of fun jumps and stunts. They wanted a girl who had been a cheerleader, and lucky for me, I had been a varsity cheerleader for all four of my high school years!

Sunday was the final show where we would find out who was the next Miss New York USA 2014. Again, I woke up at 6am, ate a healthy breakfast, got ready for another crazy day of hair and makeup, and spent hours practicing new choreography for the final show. It was really challenging only being able to watch new choreography once or twice and then having to remember it. Since there were so many girls, there was no time to go through everything more than once. I honestly had no idea who would make top 20 or top 5. Even though I didn’t make it, the winner lives only an hour away from my home town and is a compete sweetheart! She is beautiful inside and out and will do an amazing job representing our state this year at the Miss USA completion. I cannot wait to watch her live this June on NBC!!!

Opening number: Felicia Franceschelli, Age 22, Miss Auburn

Evening gown:

Finale walk through:

Some fun photos with the other pageant contestants:

I am so thankful for this one-in-lifetime experience! I will never forget the feeling I had when I walked out on that stage to represent my hometown. I have learned so much from this whole journey. I might now have “won” the the crown; a tangible item, but instead I took home a whole lot more. The journey I embarked on this past fall has only just begun, and although I might not compete in another pageant again due to it’s incredible expense, I have started my own not-for-profit organization that I know I would have never had the courage to do if it were not for this pageant. If I learned anything this weekend it’s that there is no such things as ‘a typical pageant girl’. Each and every girl who is competing for the crown is completely unique in there own way and all have the drive, motivation and courage to do what millions of others do not. I am proud to say that I am one of those girls!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional