Miss Earth New York 2014

This Saturday I had the opportunity to compete for Miss Earth New York 2014 and Miss Earth Northeast 2014 in New York City. This was the second pageant I have ever competed it and much smaller than Miss New York USA (which was my first experience). I was able to make some amazing friends, network with many professionals and even meet pageant directors from other pageant systems. I was first runner up for Miss Charity. Thank you to everyone in my community who donated flip flops or who made a monetary donation which I used to buy flip flops ($1 = 1 pair of flip flops). My grand total was 468 pairs!! This number completely exceed even my own expectations. All donations were given to Flops for Flips, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a pair of flip flops to children whose feet are bare.

Flip Flops

The Miss Earth pageant system is known as ‘Beauties with a Cause’. Their pageants seeks to find the most beautiful women to serve as a role models who are dedicated to upholding advocacy in restoring Mother Earth. Their mission is simple: to provide a voice for Mother Earth through advocacy and education. I found that this mission really connected with the mission of The Tiny Professional. I want the opportunity to educate and connect with individuals, both young and old, and educate them about professionalism, the environment and how to become leaders in their communities. You can view my full bio here.

Miss Earth Cayuga County


Before the pageant I reached out to a close friend of mine, Emma Bauso, who took some amazing head shots and photos of me with the environment (in case I actually made it to nationals). Today she wrote a post about her experience photographing me on her blog here and also added some of the photos to her portfolio here. I had so much fun on this shoot because I felt very relaxed. Worked with Emma was easy beacuse she did not make me feel like I had to portray a certain image. I was able to tell her the type of shots that I was looking for and she was able to deliver want I wanted. I look forward to hoping shooting with her again!

Miss Earth New York Collage


There are five components to the Miss Earth pageant:

  1. Interview: Your personality, your confidence with who you are and your likeability. They are seeking the real you. They are not looking for particular answers to their questions. You need to treat this phase as if you were having a conversation with family and friends. Just be you.
  2. Environmental Awareness Q&A:  The judges are looking at the ease in which you discuss your views and ideas on the environment. They are not looking at whether you know all the facts; rather do you effectively communicate in general terms that the general public would relate to and understand.
  3. Personality in Swimsuit: Your personality and confidence in which you display on stage and do you have an attractive feminine body for your body type. While being physically fit is important, we also want to make sure you are healthy. We are not seeking the thinnest young lady with six-pack abs, we seek the real you. Healthy skin is also considered.
  4. Style & Elegance in Evening Gown: Judges will be looking for that overall beautiful aura in which you display on stage. How you wear the gown and how your carry it on stage. Does the gown choice reflect your personal style? Does it fit well? Does it make that lasting impression? Gown choice is important, however cost is not. In fact cost is not even considered.
  5. Overall Impression: Judges will use this category and only this category as their preferential opportunity. Did you make a positive impression on them? Were you likable, personable and approachable? In other words, are you Miss Earth New York/New Jersey or Miss Teen Earth New York/New Jersey?

Miss Earth Pageant

My Experience

The actual Miss Earth pageant experience was incredible. I honestly love the feeling of being on stage and I definitely felt more confident than I did at my first pageant. Even my on stage interview went much smoother than I had anticipated. I was able to answer all of the answers clearly and with a smile on my face! Hopefully with a little more experience I will be able to win a state title! I would be honored to represent New York State and make a foot print (no matter how small it may be) on this earth to enrich our environment and help educate and mentor our youth.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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  1. Paula Parker says:

    Good luck with future pageants. I love the evening gown you wore. It’s a beautiful color. Great job on the runner-up for charity..

  2. How cool that you raised so much money for flip flops! Those kids will be so happy! Looks like a fun event–glad they tie charity into it.

    1. Felicia says:

      Yes, most pageants do try to support charitable organizations! I was glad that our pageant director choose to support an organization through physical donations rather than just monetary. It was easier for individuals to get more involved because most people have flip flops laying around there house that they could donate.

      The Tiny Professional

  3. Kungphoo says:

    It takes allot to get up in front of people! Congrats on that.. The money raised in the flip flops was incredible! Good Luck with all your future endeavors.

  4. What an amazing event and great way to raise money for those in need!

  5. Wow, what an experience. Congrats on doing this and here is to many more pageants :)

  6. Congratulations on your runner up achievement! It sounds like you had a great time too!

  7. Melanie says:

    Congrats on your achievements. Sounds like a great cause.

  8. mary says:

    Sounds like you had a really positive experience and supported a great cause in the meantime. Good luck as you progress!

  9. What a fun experience. It sounds interesting and challenging, but I can see why you would want to do them! Congrats.

  10. Great charity you choose and wow you sure collected a lot of flip flops! You looked great in all of the photos. I wasn’t expecting to see that Miss Earth pageant would have a bathing suit category though!

  11. Wow. You look great. Stunning. And what a great job helping the kids out as well.

  12. Stephen says:

    Very cool you raised so much for chairty

  13. Wow!! Respect for you Girl!!

    And you look stunning in that light blue gown!!

  14. Rosey says:

    That’s awesome that you felt comfortable on the stage, and hurrah that you have a photographer for a good friend too! The green dress is gorgeous and you look great in it. Nice work on the flip flops!

    1. Felicia says:

      Thank you so much Rosey! This was only my second pageant so I am gaining confidence on stage each time I compete :)

      The Tiny Professional

  15. Debra says:

    This sounds incredible! Love the message of this competition!

  16. Jhady says:

    Great competition that encourage doing a charitable work. But I am sure that it’s not just the organization that makes you do what you are doing now collecting flip flops. I know that in your heart you wanted to reach out to these kids with your generous help. God bless you.

    1. Thank you! I truly love giving back to my community and children everywhere. It feels good knowing that I am helping a child in need, no matter how small of an impact I may be making!

      The Tiny Professional

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