Hello, Mia Mercedes


Since I mentioned Mia Mercedes in my last post, I just had to write a little blog about her. I am also this help my readers connect with me on a different level as I am a HUGE dog lover!! Mia Mercedes is the love of my life. She is my three year old Pomeranian who I purchased from a breeder in Pennsylvania. Even though she is only 10lbs, she is my little guard dog. She is very protective of me and always lets me know when someone is at the door. She has a lot of energy but is slowing calming down as she becomes an “adult” dog. She loves to play dress up. She does have her own little closet full of different outfits for every occasion. I realize many people would think this is crazy but Mia Mercedes is my little girl. Yes someday I was real children, but for now, she is to handle. Here are some photos of my baby girl:

Sooner than later,
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