Mia Mercedes // My Sick Baby

Mia Mercedes Sick Baby

My Sick Baby

I haven’t written a post about Mia in a while and this past week my poor baby has been sick with a cough. If you have ever heard a little dog cough, it is honestly the cutest thing ever! Last Friday morning Matt and I woke up around 5:00AM because Mia Mercedes was making this weird noise. It sounded almost like she had something caught in her throat and she was trying to cough it up. That same night she hadn’t stopped, so I knew something was wrong. I called her vet the next morning, but unfortunately they were closed for the 4th of July weekend. Obviously the vet was not open on Sunday, so I called first thing Monday morning and made an appointment. I could not believe she was still coughing! We made an appointment for her on Tuesday because Matt did not have to work that day. She is now on antibiotics (mornings and evenings) and her cough has subsided.

Even though Matt and I do not have children yet, Mia is like our child. I hated the feeling of not knowing what was wrong with her or being able to take her to the vet sooner because of the holiday weekend. We were ready to take her to an emergency vet clinic if we saw any signs of abnormal behavior or if she seemed to be having trouble breathing, but she was just as hyper and noisy as ever. She just sounded silly with her ‘cough-bark’.

Have you ever had an experience where your dog or pet was sick and you couldn’t get them the care they needed right away? Have you ever experienced this with a child? Helplessness is not a good feeling.

Sooner than later,

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  1. That is one of the cutest little dogs I’ve ever seen.

  2. Kungphoo says:

    Really cute dog! I hate it when my dog doesn’t feel good or has any issues.

  3. Heather says:

    Oh she looks so sweet. Hopefully the antibiotics help her. She reminds me of my friend’s teacup poodle.

  4. Emily P says:

    Poor puppy!

  5. I’m so she’s sick but she is adorable! Hope she feels better soon!

  6. We just got our dog in December, so he hasn’t had a chance to be sick, but I would be so upset if he does get sick!

  7. Hoping Mia is on the mend!

  8. Awww poor puppy! Our golden retriever is having a lot of trouble right now with arthritis and it’s really heartbreaking :( Hope your lil one is better soon!

  9. I know what you mean. Our dog is like our child too!

  10. I feel bad for your pup! We lost one of our dogs a year ago unexpectedly. We had no idea he was sick and he was just gone.

    1. Felicia says:

      Krystal, oh I am so sorry for your loss! Loosing a dog is incredibly tough.

  11. Rosey says:

    Helplessness when our family/pets are sick does leave you feeling just awful. I’m glad she’s getting better. She’s sure cute.

  12. Liz Mays says:

    Awww, the poor little thing. I’m glad she’s on antibiotics and on her way back to health.

  13. Debra says:

    Oh she’s adorable! Sorry she is sick!

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