Mia Mercedes & Coby Royce

I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Mia Mercedes will be 5 years old this fall and Coby Royce, our newest addition, will be 1 this summer!! He sure has brought a lot of life and spunk to the family. While it was an adjustment for all of us, at first, he is now a very permanent part of this tiny family of ours!

Mia Mercedes & Coby Royce

Mia & Coby’s Friendship

When we first brought Coby home, Mia wasn’t not quite sure what he was. He was only about 1 lb and VERY shy and timid. He would run underneath chairs and behind large furniture pieces and hide whenever someone or something approached him. He was a little frighten of his new environment. We were very warm and welcoming and trying to do activities to bond with him, and to bond him and Mia.

What we soon learned was that there was going to always be sibling rivalry between them. It is so cute and funny to watch. If Mia goes and picks up a toy, Coby immediately drops the toy he was playing with and decides that he needs to have her toy. He will literally prance right over and take it out of her mouth. Mia is such a good big sister though. She just lets him and goes and finds another toy to play with. Sometimes they play tug-of-war together with their rope toys. Coby is now about 9 lbs (which is only about 2 lbs smaller than Mia) so they play very well together. They love running around in the back yard, and follow each other EVERYWHERE. 8 months later the two of them are inseparable.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friends… never owned a dog.”

Sooner than later,

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