Lindsey Lexus, Virginia

Kate Johns

Work Hard, Play Hard: Team Inspire

A business partner of mine just posted a really inspirational message this week. She said “When you feel good about YOU. . . It makes everything else feel good. . . When you love YOU. . . Loving everyone becomes easier. . .” I couldn’t agree more!

It’s what I love so much about Rodan + Fields skin care – it really does not only change your skin, but it changes your life. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. When you do good, good things happen. It is a wonderful cycle that all starts with you decide to do something for yourself! You work hard, you take care of your family, but what do you do for YOU?!

Way To Go, Kate Johns!!

This past weekend, a few of my business partners and many members of team inspire, traveled down to Virginia to celebrate Kate John’s accomplishment of her FREE Lexus!! She has been in this business for a little over two and a half years and has four children, but totally rocks what she does! Being surrounded by women who love what they do everyday is the best job ever!!! Sometimes I forget that I get paid for helping others. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I am so grateful that Rebecca (a complete stranger at the time) reached out to me and shared the opportunity that I was missing out on. I recently promoted in the company again and have a goal of hitting Level V by July 2015. If your looking for a change, a new opportunity in a addition to your current job, or just want to make some extra money each money and have fun doing it, send me an email. I’d love to tell you more about the business and our products. If it’s not for you, that’s okay! But hey? I love making new friends and networking along the way!

Be sure to watch this incredible video that really differentiates us from your typical 9-5 day job. We might come from all over the United States (and now Canada!!), but when we get together, we catch up, laugh a lot and just have a great time supporting and helping each other succeed. Plus, you’ve never seen a ‘younger’ looking group of men and women… and no wonder why? We are aging backwards thanks to Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields skincare products.


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