Layers for Fall

I just started my masters degree in human resource management online and it has been taking up a lot of my time. I decided that I would try to post something that involves my readers opinions. So, who has good ideas about how to layer clothes?!? I loveeee the look of layers but I can never seem to find outfits that I can later that still flatter my body. I am a size 00 so when I start to layer clothes, I sometimes look bulky. I have put together a few outfits that look amazing on the models, but it’s hard to tell how they would actually look on me!

I would wear this outfit in a heart beat, but sometimes when I wear sweaters over a button up top, it looks almost frumpy. If that is even a word.. Any tips or advice??

I also love this outfit for my workplace this fall:

But again, unless a blazer is cut the right way, it can make my torso look really short! Stores really need to make sizes that are more realistic for the millions of body types that people have! I am determined to try and make layers work this fall. I am always cold, and layers would be the perfect way to stay warm and still look stylish and put together.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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  1. KatjaKCN says:

    Hello love!

    Thank you so much for the follow on twitter! I love your blog, such a cute name! I love your outfit sets you created, being purple is my favorite color, I really want purple denim jeans now.

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

    Inside Look At KCN :).

    1. Thank you!! I love your blog as well!! I’m still working on getting my blog “out there”. I believe my twitter account is helping a lot. Thanks for the support!

      xoxo the tiny professional

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