Kitchen Island is Boxed In

More posts about the renovation progress. Sorry if I am boring you, but this renovation is literally consuming my life! Last night I had a board meet for Habitat for Humanity of Cayuga County, but my dad was able to go up to the house and frame in the island with white wanes coating. We have a little touching up to do. We are going to caulk in between the different sheet (so you don’t notice the transition as much) and add molding around the bottom edges and underneath all the cabinetry in the kitchen. Everything looks so amazing, I am so grateful my dad is so handy and willing to help Matt and me.

After my board meeting I also picked up a few more pieces of furniture from Marshals in Auburn. I bought two new rustic looking ends tables for the master bedroom and a green bench that matches the accent wall in the bedroom perfectly as well. I am hoping that there will be enough room to place the bench at the end of the bed, but I am not sure! I am keeping my fingers crossed!! I am still keeping my eyes open for lamps, an accent chair for the office, blinds, curtains and a few more furniture pieces for the main living room, but we are definitely in good shape. Decorating is so much more fun than tearing things down and painting.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional