Interior Renovation Completed [For Now]

The interior renovation is basically complete. If spring would get here already, Matt and I could start working on projects outside our new home, but it looks like that is never going to happen with the weather we keep getting here in Central New York! This weekend Matt and I went to Marshal’s to buy some nick-knacks for the above the kitchen cabinets. Our goal was to try and tie in some of the green and blue colors from the other living rooms, into the kitchen space as well… I think we succeeded. I love the small pops of color and the variation in height that each of the pieces gives the space. All the different accent pieces just keep making our home feel more like a home. In a way, it still feels surreal.

We also found the coolest glasses for the new house. We already have a few sets (that don’t match), but we wanted to get more for guests, especially since we are having our first house warming party this weekend. They are jars with handles! Just something different with a unique twist; and we found them in small and large sizes! I was surprised that even Matt liked them.

I have to say that being a home owner of a newly renovated house, is definitely rewarding. We love our space and cannot wait to start tackling more projects this summer. Our “to do” list includes:

  1. Ripping out and completing redoing all the landscaping
  2. Expanding the current driveway
  3. Putting on a new roof
  4. Ripping off and putting on new shutters
  5. Stoning the wall of the house (porch area)
  6. Adding on the back deck
  7. Tearing down the shed, ripping up the concrete slab, re-pouring a new slab with  stamp-create and adding a gazebo over it (with a hot tub <– in the future)
  8. Completing gutting and remodeling the bathroom
  9. Finishing the basement (HUGE PROJECT)
  10. Adding a master suite to the back of the house

Okay, so our list is not realistically going to be finished this summer. Our goal is to finish #’s 1 – 4 and then work on the rest over the next five years; before we have a baby. I think we can do it, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional