How to Start a Non-Profit // 01

How to Start a Non-Profit // 01


About seven months ago I started this blog; The Tiny Professional. In December of 2013, I decided that I wanted to give back to my community in more ways than just volunteering for multiple boards of directors, so on January 29, 2014, I incorporated The Tiny Professional, Inc. in the State of New York and started a program called The Tiny Professional’s Career Closet. The mission of the program was to provide interview-quality, professional business clothing at no charge to economically disadvantaged men and women in the Finger Lakes region. At the same it seemed to be the perfect way for individuals to clear out their cluttered closets while also helping men and women get outfitted with the professional clothing required to enter or re-enter the work force.

After numerous hours of research, multiple meetings with respected professionals in my community and some budget crunching, I realized that it would be very difficult to open an actual shop to house all the clothes and make rent, utilities and other expenses, on top of trying to work my regular 40 hour-a-week job. The thought of trying to manage the closet seemed impossible, even though the need was there. Eventually I decided that I was going to take a break and possible discover a new mission statement for the organization before I got in over my head. Fortunately, I have, and it does not involve renting space or have set hours that could potentially affect job (that pays that bills).

While it may seem like a very genuine notion to make (starting a not-for-profit and attempting to give back to the community) there is a lot of work that goes into starting up a not-for-profit. There are difficult decisions to be made and many steps to be taken, in order to be successful. The steps and decisions I will be conversing further, within these series of posts are:

I want to share the experience and knowledge I have gained thus far in my career and through my education, with other young professionals out there who are looking to possibly start up their own businesses or non-profits. I am writing this series with the hopes that my readers will take away something useful and positive from it.

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