How Do You Define Success?

What is the Definition of Success

Since adults change daily, can any positive or negative change in areas not measured by obtaining a job, getting a promotion, or even becoming a US citizen, be attributed to what occurs in the adult learning programs? Just as in drinking driver programs, can we measure the number of adults who become “successful” rather than become prisoners because their situations became hopeless?

This question is really thought provoking and although I do not have a definite answer, I thought it would be interesting to ponder a bit.  I would hope that adult success could be measured to some degree, but how you measure success is not straight forward as a researcher may make it sound. Success to one person might be affording an apartment for $350/month, while success to another person may mean buying a $350,000 house. On some level, these are basically the same achievements, obtaining a place to live and call home, but on another level they are on completely different spectrum’s of the same scale. How could one person truly define what success means for another? I am not saying that is not possible. I am sure there are researchers that can define anything with a numerical value, but it definitely would be very difficult.

What is my definition of success?

Success to me is being happy, healthy, having a good education, a stable career and companionship. Although I have many goals and ambitions, I truly believe that personal happiness is a greater success than any physical achievement. Education is very important to me. While I personally hope to obtain my Ph.D. one day, I applaud the hundreds of thousands of individuals who were in the first in their family to graduate from college or who made the decision to go bad to college as an adult learner because they felt that continuing education would help advance them in their careers (or in a new career). Successful companionship can also be defined as success to me, if it is just that, successful. Divorce is very common in our generation now, and I still believe that once you make a commitment to be with a person, you should be fully ready to commit; for the rest of your life. If you face ups and downs throughout your relationship, then you face them together, as partners. Behind every successful leader is a wonderful, stable and supportive companion.

So what is your opinion? What defines success in your life? Do you believe it is possible to measure the number of adults who become “successful” in life? If so, how would you measure that?

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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  1. I don’t know that either marriage or divorce defines success, but I do believe that it is easier to be successful with someone supportive behind you! I define success a lot like you with education being important for me to feel like I have accomplished something great. And like you, I believe that everything that defines personal success is about individual perspective.

  2. Success is doing what you love and being good at it!

  3. I define success as being happy at something that I am doing and know that I am accomplishing my goals.

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