Holiday Cards

Hi everyone:

This year we decided to combine our holiday cards into an announcement as well. Since you all know that Matt and I just bought our first home, we decided sending a holiday card that let every know we had just moved, would be a great way to “kill two birds with one stone”. I love to shop around when it comes to getting a good deal and this year I found a great deal on Groupon for holiday cards through VistaPrint. I was able to purchase 100 cards for only $33! Therefore, we only paid $0.33 per card. I also ordered the return address labels as well (since it saves so much time)!! 

After I ordered the groupon, it was time to pick out the design and layout of the card. Last year, Matt and I had picked out a postcard style holiday card and everyone loved it, so this year we did the same thing. We also chose a card with a layout that allowed two photos. One picture of us together and the other photo of the new house. The card wished everyone a happy holiday but also announced that we have recently moved and gave everyone our new address.

We left the back of the card simple. Plus I realize that most people hang there holiday cards up, meaning you can only see one side of the card anyways. All-in-all I think our cards came out very nice this year. We sent them out early because we wanted everyone to have our new address right away. Hopefully we receive lots of holiday cards in return this year :)
I would love to see or hear about how everyone else designed their holiday cards this year, or what inspires them. Sometimes I wish I was a little bit more creative, because I have seen some amazing DIY cards, but I truly do not have the time. 

Sooner than later, 

The Tiny Professional