Happiness Project: May 04

I can do this


I am exactly FOUR days into my Happiness Project and it definitely is not going to plan, but life never does. We closed on our new house, April 25th and because we choose to rent our other house, we had double the cleaning and organizing duties. Finally, we are in good shape. It was a good decision to focus my first month in my Happiness Project on Organization. I feel like by moving into a new home, we had the opportunity to reorganize and purge everything we didn’t need! We sold an office chair, bed set and mattress, couch, two end tables, coffee table, plant, and lots of decor. I also am in the process of selling about HALF of my closet. I definitely will not be able to reach my capsule wardrobe goal, but I am downsizing – and it feels really good. I am using Poshmark to list some of my items. I added my virtual closet to my sidebar. Feel free to check out the items that I have for sale. I will continuously be adding more.

Along the lines of organization, I used similar charts to Gretchen Rubin to keep track of my goals for May. I wanted to make sure that everything was actually obtainable and realistic. I am off to a terrible start with laundry and identifying problems. Although, now that I think about it, I do deserve a gold star for May 1st. I did identify a problem: we needed a new mattress because we never got good sleep on our current one. That same day (May 1st) Matt and I drove to Metro Mattress and bought a new memory foam mattress with an adjustable base to help with our back aches and lack of sleep. I have to admit, the feeling of accomplishment did make me feel really happy, and last night (which was the first night we had the new mattress) I went right to sleep and woke up with no pain in my lower back. Needless to say, feeling better followed me throughout the rest of my day!

Each of my monthly charts are set up the same way. Here is my May example. I designed the chart in Microsoft Word. I stated my theme for that month and my resolution or purpose. I also liked Gretchen’s motivational quote idea, so for some months I used her quote and other month’s I used my own, if I felt were more relevant to my own Happiness journey.



There are still many more days in the month, but I am hopeful I will stick with my project. Being able to track my progress not only keeps me more accountable, but also allows me to reflect back on what I actually accomplished month-to-month. I feel that it’s too easy to forget how much we actually do everyday and how easy it is to get wrapped up in the one or two things that we didn’t accomplish and feel defeated. I am trying to alleviate some of that pressure from my shoulders and be a little more carefree, but I know that is something that will definitely not happen over night. Maybe this project will open my eyes to all the blessings I have in my life and allow me to realize that somethings are be small in comparison to others. Even though I know this, I still can’t help myself from reacting in a way I wish I wouldn’t.

Example: When we were moving last week, Matt had his brother move two of my absolute favorite white desks. They are high gloss and did I mention WHITE?!? I was freaking out because Matt told me his brother put them in the back of his truck to bring them to the new house. I instantly became all upset because I figured they would get all scratched up and dinged from the bumpy ride with no protection. After my hissy fit, which happen in front of Matt’s friends who were helping us move, I realized how ridiculous I looked. Even if the desks were damaged, it wasn’t the end of the world. We can always buy another desk. I instantly felt awful for behaving like I was five. Why am I so emotional for no reason? The worst part is I knew I should have apologized to Matt for embarrassing him in front of his friends, especially since the desks made it to our new house safe-and-sound. But of course, I didn’t. How could I? My pride wouldn’t let me, but it bothered me.

So what is the point of my tangent? I am five days into my Happiness Project and while I may not rate 10 out of 10 on the happiness scale, I do think that the research in preparation for this year-long journey, has already opened my eyes to ways I can be a happier person – and that is priceless.

Sooner than later,
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