Going Green at the Office

As some people may or may not know, I made the decision last month to compete in another pageant: Miss Earth New York. What I find very refreshing about this pageant system is that each of the contestants platform has to do with helping the environment in some shape or form. Their mission is to provide a voice for Mother Earth through advocacy and education.

My platform:

Environmental Education and Leadership: Empowering young people to take leadership in their own communities and become environmental stewards by taking action and starting projects such as community gardens or recycling events. I will do this by educating and raising awareness to issues that interest and motivate young people to go outside, interact and become one with Mother Earth.

Going Green

A few weeks ago I came across this incredibly visual image on Pinterest that I wanted to share with my readership. If you work in an office (which many of us do), you might not even know about some of these simple ways you can help your office “GO GREEN”! I honestly did not realize how valuable plants were. For every three individuals in your office there should be one plant! Plants reduce dust, bacteria, mold and even improve the quality of the air you breathe. Plus they increase productivity in the office and improve your mood!

Facts about Going GreenSooner than later,

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  1. Adding plants is a great idea. I never would have thought to do that.

  2. Erin S. says:

    I think going green is a great thing! Good luck!

  3. Kungphoo says:

    I really like that infograph.. without knowing it, i am 50% green according to it..

  4. Melanie says:

    I used to work at a medical office, and I wish I could have gotten them on board with these ideas!

  5. Love these tips! I am a big believer in the green movement and I think some of the changes people can make at home and everywhere they go are so simple and make so much difference!

  6. What a great article. My office is in my home, so I have already begun to go green.

  7. Heather says:

    This is great! I work from home, and I feel that one day my home office really could be the way people employ a lot of workers just to save money. If they think about it, providing more telecommuting jobs is the way to go.

    1. Felicia says:

      Heather, I agree that employers should really consider looking at the pros and cost savings of employing individuals who work out of their home. In some cases it could be a win-win for both the employer and employee!

      The Tiny Professional

  8. I wish more companies would look at the statistics. Especially the work from home idea… it just makes sense!

  9. These are all great tips! Going green is good!

  10. Hanan says:

    I really need to get some house plants. They just seem to have a hard time here in our dry weather. Our computers all sleep when not in use, and we are always recycling!

    1. Felicia says:

      Hanan, that is great that you already are “going green” in so many ways and might not even have realized it! Not maybe you can add even a few more ways to be friendly to the environment!

      The Tiny Professional

  11. I didnt know.. that making the computer prevent Co2 emissions. Very nice and perfect Infograph

  12. I didnt know.. that making the computer sleep prevent Co2 emissions. Very nice and perfect Infograph

  13. Liz Mays says:

    Wow, I had no idea putting a computer to sleep could make such a definite difference. I’ll be doing that now. I tend to let it just sit idle.

  14. Such a great list! When you do the smallest things, it still really adds up. I catch water from like cleaning glasses, etc and use it on my plants as well.

  15. Debra says:

    I love this! People usually think they can’t green because they can’t do something huge, but small things add up!

  16. These are great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Ashley M says:

    The office can be one of the most naturally ‘un’green places in our lives. Way to take initiative :)

  18. great tips! I am not in the workforce anymore, my workforce is at home with the kids homeschooling. I could use these tips at home!

  19. I have plants all over the house to keep things green and try to improve the air quality

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