Front Porch Face Lift

This spring, Matt and I decided that even though we did a lot of work to the front of our house last year (adding in the new side walk, expanding the driveway, replacing the old roof,  new landscaping, etc.), we still needed to do something to our front porch… and more importantly, we NEEDED to have our shutters match the color of our new roof! No more red!!

We started by replacing all the outside light fixtures, both on the porch on the outside of the garage. That alone gave our house a mini face lift. Then we were on a quest for the perfect decorations to enhance our naked porch.

I was at Marshals looking for new dog bowls and beds for our new adopted dog, Lady Prius, when I happened to find the most amazing collection of rustic flower pots in a variety of sizes (Small, Medium and Large)!! BINGO! Exactly what I was envisioning and I wasn’t even looking for front porch decor at the time. Don’t you just love when that happens! So of course I snagged the flower pots and this really cool landscaping turtle rock that we added our mulch to enhance some empty space in between the sidewalk and driveway – another great steal.

Since I found my accent pieces before the actual porch furniture, Matt and I had to work backwards a little bit. We originally were envisioning a comfortable bench to go underneath the windows, but were worried that with the rustic accent pieces, the design wouldn’t all tie in together. So after look through numerous online patio furniture websites and at A LOT of steel benches, we drove to our local Lowes, and found these adorable Allen + Roth Patio Dining Chairs, that we decorated with cushions and pillows to add some color to the front porch. Because we were still hung up on adding more ‘rustic’ to the whole design, Matt had the idea to take a flower pot barrel that was cut in half and actually flip it upside down, to use it as a decorative table instead. We both loved the idea and it completely fit the look we were going for!

Lastly, we had to order new charcoal grey shutters and switch them out with the horrible old red ones! We ordered them through Erie Materials – who were fantastic to work with I must add. Their prices were cheaper than Lowes and Home Depo, and because the style and color we wanted wasn’t in stock anywhere anyways, they had them delivered next day, by 8:00am!! Amazing!! I am so happy the shutters actually match the roof and doors now!

Since Maryann (Matt’s mom) bought us a Dickman’s gift card last year for Christmas, we decided that we would plant annuals all along both sides of the new sidewalk to give it a pop of color as well. We picked out 4 different colors: white, lavender, red, and a darker purple with a unique design inside the petal. Every 9″ we planted a patched of flowers all along both sides, and over the last couple days they have been slowly blossoming and growing… so hopefully soon we will have lots of full color!!

before shutters were changed
changing shutters
while we were changing the shutters from red to grey
house after
finally the shutters match the new roof!!
close up of the front porch make over

Takeaways from this project?

  • Some times you find the accent pieces first and have to match the larger, more noticeable pieces to them!
  • Making just a few simple changes to the outside of your own can really makes it feel more modern and new.
  • Looking a something in a different way (like the flower pot barrel) can add to the creativity of your design – you don’t away have to use pieces for their original purpose!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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  1. Dave says:

    My front porch is a lot like yours. I might use some of these concepts to redesign mine too.

  2. I like the changes that you made. The use of the flowers livened up the area.

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